WHY CHOOSE Infotech?

The Complete Solution for your Enterprise

Since its formation, Infotech Maldives Pte Ltd has pioneered the way in solving clients’ real world IT issues with quality of service and sound technology. Having been intimately involved with government and commercial large-scale enterprise computing for more than two decades, it’s a one-stop provider of data processing system/process design, development, implementation, management, evaluation, and certification.

Extensive research and analysis of customer environments ensures the right solutions, satisfying clients by exceeding quality expectations and delivering projects on time and budget. Infotech’s commitment to continuous IT research and development arena is invaluable and unparalleled. This increased value is the cornerstone of Infotech’s success in delivering innovative alternatives and solutions to customers.


Technology is very important for businesses today, and therefore it is vital that business owners understand technology. It is moving the world forward at speeds unlike any other time in history. In order to properly get ahead in your market, you need to overcome the challenges that are inherent in technology so you can communicate better, sell more, and improve every aspect of your business. Unless you master the challenges that technology presents, you could miss out on your business goals, lose customers and money in the process. We help you stay on stay on top of it all by being your technology partner.

Lowering operational costs

Companies can reduce operational costs through a number of initiatives. If individual workers improve their personal workflow, they will either produce more in less time or reduce the amount of hours they need to work to achieve the same output. Operational costs can often be reduced through an investment in technology, and over time improved processes can lead to a reduction in labour costs.

Improving competitiveness

Anything you can do faster, more efficiently or better than your competitors gives you an edge. Increased productivity leads to increased competitiveness. If you can produce your products at a lower cost than your competitor, you can charge less. If you can deliver your service more quickly than your competitor, you can serve more clients or you can increase time spent on customer service, increasing your value add to the customer.

Infotech Overview


We satisfy our clients by exceeding their expectations of quality and level of service


We perform research and development efforts in search of innovative solutions


Results driven solutions enabling customers to exceed potential and lower their costs


Solving problems while providing the most efficient and cost saving solutions possible



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